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Tutorial: Build your own custom field plugin - Media Files

media/js/ and media/css

To make the whole thing work we have to include the required "Owl Carousel" scripts and stylesheets. 

You can download the whole .zip package at:

in the dist/css folder we find the following files:

  • owl.carousel.css
  • owl.carousel.min.css
  • owl.theme.default.css
  • owl.theme.default.min.css

We copy these files into the folder: owlimg/media/css

In the dist folder we find the following script files:

  • owl.carousel.js
  • owl.carousel.min.js

We copy these files into the folder: owlimg/media/js

Additionally, there is a special animation file, the animate.min.css file. 
You will find this at

Please also copy this files into the folder:  owlimg/media/css

It's definitely time we get together!