Customize your Cassiopeia Template

Customize your Cassiopeia Template [location] Location of the Template in Joomla In the Joomla 4 backend you can find Cassiopeia in the menu item System. There is a box with the headline "Template...

That's how I started Joomla in 2006.

In this article you will learn everything about my career, how I came to Joomla and why this CMS is so special for me.
03 March 2019

Tutorial: Build your own custom field plugin

This Joomla! Custom Field Plugin shows images from a selected folder in an "Owl Carousel". In this tutorial, I'll explain to you, how to build your own "Custom Field Plugin".
28 September 2017

Multi-Column Articles in the Joomla Editor

One of my customers came along, to whom I promised: “You will be able to edit content very easy.” - Isn’t it the User Experience Guarantee we always give to our users?
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